Here are just a few testimonials from clients:

Hi Mary!  Thank you for the truly special reading yesterday and for the extra time with me for guidance.

I felt beat down when I walked in, but left with a full heart.

I really appreciate you sharing your gifts with me, I could’ve chatted with you all day.

Much love and gratitude for yesterday, thank you for sharing your gifts with this world.

Rebecca – Canada


Mary Rose is SPOT ON. Her readings are hyper specific and FULL of details nobody else could possibly know. I LOVE getting a good psychic reading from time to time, but I often feel hesitant when readings feel “vague”… like they could be applied to anyone’s life.

With Mary, this is 100% NOT the case. Mary has a wild ability to tap directly into exactly what’s going on with my life. The details she offers are uncanny. I always walk away texting one of my friends, “holy crap, I just had the BEST psychic reading.”

If you’re feeling drawn to Mary for clarity around a situation — resist the urge to binge all the “general readings” out there on YouTube or Insta, hoping they’ll apply to you (it’s one of my bad habits too, haha). Just make the investment to do a full private reading with Mary. They are just so, so, SO worth it.

AND she tends to overdeliver. She’s never abruptly cut our session right at the half hour mark (or the 3 min mark during her Insta readings). She’s so incredibly generous. And always makes sure I feel complete before wrapping up. I LOVE Mary, and I will be coming back again and again! 

Katelyn C. New York, NY

Freelance Copywriting Coach


For me, speaking with Mary Rose was like seeing the light amid a never-ending dark tunnel. Her approach in Tarot was spontaneous and insightful.

Her every word resonated with my current situation, and her answers to my questions about the future seemed so relevant and credible.

She is patient, learned, experienced, and truly believes in the philosophy she espouses – it reflects in her passion as she speaks. Her optimism and enthusiasm were infectious, and I felt hopeful and warm after the session.

I look forward to consulting her again in the future.

Adi Shankar
Kolkata, India

I would like to thank you for the immense guidance you have given me multiple times, I found you when I was in a state of confusion and directionlessness that left me in despair, it sucked me into a whole whirlpool of pain, I was at the edge of suicide and by chance I crossed your page like a god sent message, I am so so so grateful to god that i took that chance and contacted you. 
Thanks to your reading I was able to understand what i was feeling coz i was so confused to the point that i couldn’t read myself or understand anything but pain.
Your readings and your positivity brought me so much of light, hope and clarity, initially i was skeptical and thinking it’d not be true…
But her words came true word for word…her level of accuracy was sooo to the point…and I realised I had found my god sent angel.
She’s by far the best. Just hearing her speak elevates you on a whole new level. No matter the pain she’ll soothe your soul effortlessly.
Good things deserve honest appreciation and honest reviews,I’ve recommended ms mary to all of my friends and they have found enlightenment too.
You should definitely talk to her once and I bet you’d know she’s the only SOS we all need.
Thank you Ms Mary for accommodating my last minute bookings and always giving me the honest truth and teaching me how to deal with it.
Do give ms mary a shot and thank me later.
Yrs Sincerely,
Rathhi from singapore

Mary is a tremendously gifted channel and healer. Her ability to channel Spirits to help you transform your life is miraculous. When Mary facilitated I felt an angel healing  me, my heart and voice opened exponentially.

She helped clear out emotional debris that had me tripped up and confused for months. Mary’s gentle intuition and guidance put me on a new life trajectory and gave me a huge swell of positive energy. It was a remarkable healing and reading. Thank you Mary, you are awesome and a gift in my life,

I look forward to my next Distance Reiki healing session and Psychic reading with you. 

Melinda Griffiths
Reiki Master, Intuitive Tarot reader, Spiritual coach and Animal Healer.

Mary Rose has amazing insight and I am grateful to have come across her on Instagram. Although I love her general reading on social media, I found that a personal reading was much more helpful because she provides more detail regarding your questions.

Im glad I recorded my personal reading so I could listen again. I wish I had a longer session and I definitely will be a returning client.

Jennifer,  December 2020

My name is Juliana, and I’ve been having readings with Mary for a while now. I was led to her by her beautiful personality and her positivity.

She’s very kind and caring, always there to help with her guidance and goes above and beyond. She’s honest and on point. Mary has really helped me when I felt like I had no one.

She’s really given me the confidence to trust in myself no matter what. I appreciate you Mary and trust you wholeheartedly. So glad we’ve crossed paths thank you! ❤️ 

Juliana Ruiz
Miami FL 

Mary Rose is such an amazing soul. A good person with beautiful energy. I came across her youtube channel one day. Since then I have been watching Mary Rose for years and she always gives so much value.

She has a good heart. Her free weekly readings always resonate with me and are on point. Mary is the only psychic online who I watch. I feel a connection with her. I recently was having trouble making a decision and reached out to Mary for a reading.

She helped me connect to myself and find the answers. She is really good at connecting to your energy and to spirit. I can tell she doesn’t do it for the money and actually cares about people and providing guidance. 

There has been times when I would be going through something and check out her weekly reading for advice and guidance that I felt was helpful. She always has a way of saying things that comes out kind and from the heart. She truly has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend working with her for guidance, love and light. 

Meilissa P.

Mary Rose is an honest and truly remarkable person who has a true reading on our lives.  She is able to pin point areas of your life that she can comment on and possible suggest without even knowing.  

Her spiritually is so evident in just talking to her.  I know Mary along time. She has a way of making you feel special and important all at the same time.  

She has a true gift that also includes love of life.  That is expressed in the way she presents herself during our readings and her everyday conversation.  

Mary has been an inspiration for me.  She has helped me to transition from a very difficult time in my life.  Mary you are a true Blessing to us all

Colleen Z.

Mary rose is a Divine magic. I came across her page on Instagram and watched her YouTube videos. Her videos felt as if they were directed toward me. I got very excited and had told my son to contact Mary for a a reading. My son booked a reading on WhatsApp video chat on January 7,2019. She was absolutely gorgeous and loving. I instantly felt connected with her.

She is a true reader! Anytime I see her videos till this day I feel they are directed toward me. Mary and Dave both are amazing and God gifted. I’ve dreamt about them both giving me guidance. I haven’t had a chance to have a reading session with Dave but watching his content I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel like I have a past life connection with them.

Maybe they were guiding me in the past as well. I feel like I should meet them both in person. It’s like they are family. I feel so much love when I see Mary’s content. I am very lucky that I got the chance to have a reading with her. The reading was for one hour but we both lost track of time! Words can’t describe how I feel about Mary.

Even now a few months later I feel as if the conversation we had felt like yesterday. She is so loving and humble. I’m so grateful that the spirits guided me to Mary. Her voice is so magical in the 7 chakra video. The way she chants Om was beautiful. Mary is a divine magic and a true beauty. I love her so much and I highly recommend you have a reading.
Peace love and light

Fary M.

Mary Rose is an authentic, caring intuitive who has given me some amazing readings and advice during a challenging time for me.  

Her crystal and chakra healing advice and knowledge gives you practical tools you can do as a take away. 
Her caring spirit is threaded through all her reading and messages. So for first timers no need to be nervous.
Mary’s energy and enthusiasm for her craft is contagious. I have been to many psychics over the last 3 decades and I have to say Mary without a doubt has a gift to connect and bring you messages from spirit to help you put your puzzle together. 
No hesitations here ladies & Gentlemen Mary is the person you need to connect with. Mary as always infinite love and gratitude to you 
Soley S.
Ottawa, ON Canada

I found Mary through her instagram page. It wasn’t until she did one of her free weekly readings that I felt a strong push to reach out to her for a private reading. I am so glad I did! I have had two readings with her so far and they have offered me so much peace, understanding and hope for my particular questions. She beautifully relays the messages that spirit sends her. I am very grateful.

Sierra C.

My very first interaction with Mary was back in mid 2017. It was a time when I had just started understanding concepts like soulmates, twin-flames and had just become aware that I was into my twin-flame journey. Those were troubling times to cope up with since the concept of spirituality was very new to me and my mind was bogging me down, as and when I tried understanding my situation through internet and the abundance of non validated information regarding all of it.

There was a lot of confusion and chaos in life at that point.
I’m grateful to the universe for having given me a chance to interact with Mary at such a time in my life. Not only did she help me understand these concepts elegantly, she also advised and mentored me through those tough times. She is sweet and easily approachable; full of positive vibes, profoundly experienced and is deeply empathetic.
She constructively puts across what she intends to let you know in your readings, so that you can get the message and learn from it more than cribbing or fretting about it, if its not in alignment with what you thought you wanted.

I have known Mary, her husband Dave and her twin sister Ann for more than a couple of years now and being able to interact with them all on social media has turned out to be a major blessing for me. If not anything else, interacting with them has definitely provided me a sense of peace and understanding on the path of my spiritual journey.
Mary will definitely continue to be a spiritual mentor to me and I will always be grateful to her and her family for being so helpful in my spiritual journey.”

Lots of Love and Light,

Mary is the real deal! She has a true gift, and her ability to connect on an energetic level with people is spot on.

She is so warm, calm, and always makes you feel at ease. If you have a chance to work with Mary, I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Mary you are awesome!

Alex L.

Alanta Georgia

Mary is unbelievable…. I actually came upon Mary on Instagram. In the instant of me listening to her post I just knew that I had to reach out.

So I booked my appointment for my reading. I was super excited not too sure of what to expect. But from the moment that we spoke I felt so comfortable with her that I could just open up in every way possible.

She is a true reader she read me so well and open up doors for me that I had doubts. She’s honest and has a pure heart.  

Since my 1st reading I’ve adding on 2 more since then.. Each one has been amazing. She has also done a tad bit of crystal shopping for me at my request and added In a beautiful scented oil for me. I will continue to connect with her once a month.

Kim L
Harker, Texas

I had been going through some very rough things the past year when I came across Mary Rose on Instagram.

Mary posts ‘generic tarot readings’ and then post it for anyone to view.  I would come across them at random but every time I viewed one, the reading would uncannily fit what I had been experiencing at the moment.

Finally, in January of 2019, I booked my first personal online reading with Mary and wow…she brought so many things to light, as well so much with accuracy.  I have since booked two more online readings with Mary, all spaced months apart, and each time she has lifted me with spirit’s message and accuracy.

Mary allows me to feel very comfortable.  She has told me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear, and has done so with love.  Her demeanor instantly soothes me and calms me all the time.

I am so happy that I met Mary.  She has truly put things in perspective for me, and has kept me on the right track during my new spiritual journey!

Joe P.
Bettendorf, Iowa

Hello! I´m Maria and want to write about my experience with Mary and my experience with Mary´s readings.

I don´t know how I get to found Mary on Instagram but I fill lucky about it. I believe that God and the Universe sent her to me because I was going through a very very bad and stressful moment in my life and people that know her can affirm that she is angel´s messenger or at least that is how I see her.

Everytime I feel a little confused, sad, happy, nervous, peaceful or relaxed I enter IG and I see her posts and mostly all the times resonates with what I need to feel or listen (Is nice to feel that the messages always are helpful, positives and lovelies).

Later I noticed that she gave weekly readings and the best thing is that you can reach weekly readings and you will be seeing the reading you NEED to hear on that moment, (Really… Universe and God´s time are perfect)  no matter the week you reach and see it mostly all the times help you to have a general view of your week.

Then I saw that she offers to give some private readings and I book for an appointment and it was a very beautiful experience because besides she knows many things about you without asking and just by feeling… She knows exactly what to say in order to give you more clarity; sometimes are not the things you want to hear but definitely are the things you NEED to hear in order to take actions to grow and learn.

Sometimes it’s necessary to listen to uncomfortable things but ironically that makes me feel confident with her readings, because she is honest and wants to help you, even though are things you like or not… always always are messages that are sent to you with love and respect and when you feel vulnerable those 2 things are things you want to feel.

I can just add that I feel happy of knowing her and her husband Dave and her sister Anne (which also offers readings and she´s lovely too)  because without wanting they have been helpful people for me and I´m sure that for thousands of more people also; they only spread light, positivism, good vibes, love and humor  because they are also funny..! hahaha

Thank you Mary for sharing the wisdom and experience that you have in order to help and guide some of us and thanks for helping as you do without obligation.

I´m very happy to meet you and have coincided! I feel lucky!

Maria A 

For 20 years I have been getting psychic readings from many different psychics.  

Not one of them have I resonated with like I do with Mary Rose.  

I look forward to my readings every month with her.  It’s like therapy for me. Mary Rose is always on point, and she will always remind you to go within and go with your intuition as well because we all have free will.  

I love her energy and her calming voice. When Mary does your readings it’s like an angel is actually talking to you.  

Not only does Mary Rose give you accurate readings but she helps guide you to listen to your own guides, she is very gifted and I feel very comfortable with her knowing all of my personal information going on in my life.  

Mary Rose will give you an honest reading, there is no sugar coating it, but it will put you in the right direction on where you should be going.

I look forward to a future with Mary Rose in my life and highly recommend her for a reading.  I can’t wait to fly to Toronto and have her do Reiki Healing on me too. 

Lisa Bishop
Author of Princess Asha and The Lost City of Dwaka

I have learned so much from Mary Rose about how to discern Spirit from ego…she has taught me so much about how to grow my faith and evaluate my own limited beliefs.

I discovered Mary Rose over a year ago on IG. At that time, I would watch and listen to her YouTube videos after reading her IG posts which I started to notice were always in sync and on time with what I was going through in my life. The incredible part was that I was on a spiritual exploration of how to understand my soulmate/twinflame.

I did not know much about this concept but I was drawn in to Mary Rose’s energy because of her MASSIVE FAITH. Curious about all of our psychic abilities, I started to read books to understand how this works. Mary explains it as Spirit.

This resonated with me and her accuracy with readings is point on! I have received powerful email reading, a phone call and FaceTime readings with Mary.

She is my personal psychic guide now because her POSITIVITY IS UNWAVERING and is contagious! She coaches me on how to see the good and the Light and also how to deal with the shadow.

I credit Mary and thank her for helping me learn patience, unconditional love and how to release and let things go…as a result, I’ve been with the love of my life now for two immense self growth years which included two breakups.

I can see the sunshine after the rain and Mary has taught me how to look at everything with meaning and a message for me! I love my boyfriend unconditionally and I can’t wait to tell the story of our everlasting love to our children one day.

Mary will be there in our future, too, guiding me, I know, because she humble accepts the guiding hand of Spirit for all of her followers. Mary lives her calling. She is a rare gem whom and I am deeply grateful for!”

Detroit, MI

Mary I wanted to thank you for a truly amazing reading on Friday.

I truly felt my Dad’s spirit speaking through you.

You have an amazing gift and I’m so grateful to have found you.

Laura C.
Mahwah, NJ


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