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She definitely knew things that were currently happening and things to come.

I came across the lovely Psychic Mary on Instagram. At first I sent her an email question because I have talked to SO many psychics that I didn’t want to waste my money if I didn’t feel a connection. When I got her response I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t resist having a full reading with her.

I am so thankful that I did.

She definitely knew things that were currently happening and things to come. She told me that feathers and butterflies were signs from Spirit for me and literally within a couple of days, I was sitting at an Open House reading a book and a tiny feather just fell from mid air. I truly admire your ability Mary.

Thank you, Sincerely,

Luci H.  //  February 2018

Valeria’s testimony


It was a blessing 15 years ago to have crossed paths with This gifted psychic soul.

She has guided me throughout some of the most difficult and joyous moment of my life and has always been genuine and truthful with me.

She is extrodinarily gifted and she uses these gifts with love and compassion.

Her predictions have always been so accurate.

Thank you Mary for inspiring me and for always telling me truth.

Apart from being a gifted psychic her Reiki treatments and guided meditations have lifted me from my darkest days..you are truly a blessing

Valeria A.

Toronto, Ontario

May 2017

Owner of Tesori Linens

Her readings has been so helpful and on point.

I came across Mary on Instagram and I am so thankful that I did because she is the best psychic. I’ve gotten readings with. Her readings has been so helpful and on point. I know a lot of psychics but she is my go to person. I always appreciate her advice.

She has help me to make better decisions and receive clear understanding in regards to situations where I felt confused. I’ve recommended her to people who also loved her readings and I will continue recommending her because I know no one will be disappointed.

Alexa R

Alexa R.  //  New York,  March 2017

​Mary was right on point with the couple questions I had for her.

My name is Kristina. I found Mary on Facebook on Doreen Virtue page. Started to following Mary. I liked her posts they were always uplifting and seemed to go with what I was going through.

So, I did my first reading in September 2016 with her. I was a little nervous. Turned out She was very positive and kind with everything. Mary was right on point with the couple questions I had for her.

All the doubt I had gone. I liked the first reading so much I came back three months later with more detailed questions. She did an amazing job with that one as well. With the positivity it in that reading I have been outdoors more focusing on positive things and doing affirmations when you do it enough your life really does change. I would recommend Mary to anyone.

I will be coming back to her for more readings to come. Thank you Mary!

Kristina N.  //  Lake Village, Arkansas February 2017

​Mary has such a strong sense of intuition as well as a beautiful wisdom of life that when put together create a very insightful and uplifting reading.

So far I’ve had a couple of consultations with Mary and have to say that both times have been very accurate and helpful for me moving forward in my times of confusion and stagnation.

Mary has such a strong sense of intuition as well as a beautiful wisdom of life that when put together create a very insightful and uplifting reading.

I would absolutely recommend a reading (one at least 30 min long because we always run out of time!) for anyone that is needing some clarification, inspiration, or understanding when life gets a little tricky.

She helps you unravel layers of yourself that you may not have been able to fully see before, helping you come closer to following your truth and find the path that your heart is yearning for you to see.

Shireen J.  //  Toronto, Ontario Canada, December 2016

She was very accurate and very helpful with answering my love and relationships questions and concern

I have read with many tarot readers, but never have I experienced such consistent, accurate and straight to the point readings like the ones Mary  delivers.

She works at the speed of light, and the down-to-earth messages speak straight to your soul, often leaving you breathless.

She was very accurate and very helpful with answering my love and relationships questions and concern. She also did a cleansing for me and helped me with my chakra getting balanced. She is amazing and sweet and gorgeous also.

Her prediction does come true.

Thank you for your time Psychic MARY.

Lisa S.  //  Church Virginia, November 2016

I was recommended to Mary Rose through a friend.

From the very first reading I had, I was immediately drawn to her compassionate nature.

You can feel how friendly and down-to-earth she is when speaking to her.

She has done multiple readings for me and I love how real she is and most of all how she doesn’t rush through a reading and will let you know when you should wait for another session.

I have recommended my sister to her as well and we both stay in touch with her.

I am glad to have found someone I can turn to for help!

Raffaella MariaPhiladelphia, P.ASeptember 2016

Sandy’s testimony


If you are thinking about having a Reading with Mary, I say GO FOR IT!!I was blessed with an AMAZING Reading from Mary. She knew nothing about me, but everything she said was so accurate and what I really needed to hear. I really appreciate all the time she spent with me and she didn’t rush to get done when the hour was up. After talking with her, I feel like I have a very special friend.  🙂  I look forward to connecting with her many more times. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARY!! SandyIllinoisSeptember 2016

I was out with a friend who suggested that after dinner we get a tarot reading … for fun.

Even through my after-dinner cocktail haze – I was totally taken aback. That was over 15 years ago.

Mary’s insights are so precise, so complete and in-depth that I have since come to rely on her to help draw out the deeper meaning and the 3-D’ness of my perceptions, feelings and reality. To ‘fill out the picture’, so to speak.

In offering this clarity, I am relieved of the fear and anxiety that intermittently take hold of me. I’m freer to proceed on my path, to make smart choices – simply, to realize the vision of my life with more calm, confidence and determination.

I view Mary as my trusted advisor, my confidante.

Anna Rosa

Toronto, ON February 2016

Christine’s testimony


I believe, fully, that there is a deeper yearning within all of us for knowledge and understanding. Some of us run from it- from the truth- because we think the real answers will weaken us or that it “isn’t what we want to hear”. Either way- everyone has a desire to understand life and their purpose on a deeper level. I found Mary at a time in my life when I KNEW I needed answers and more than anything…I knew I needed the truth- I needed to understand the situation I was in because it defied all logic; I have never felt more sure and equally afraid of being sure of anything in my life. I know now (and I probably knew then) that I did not find Mary by accident…

From the first time we spoke, her compassion and almost startling connection with her guides (and my guides) moved me in a way I can’t explain. She has never faltered with her information or readings- and in my heart I know she would never lead me astray. When I talk with her, I receive nothing but the truth- only it’s presented in a way with such empathy and true understanding for the situation that it’s impossible not to feel hope or empowerment by the time she’s finished. The experience I am in- the growth and spiritual transition Im facing- I know I couldn’t not overcome, embrace, and fully appreciate without the guidance of someone so enlightened the way she is.

There is no greater gift I could have received than the insight and support of such an intuitive human being. She is so much bigger than her physical presence and my gratitude for her wisdom and words goes far beyond anything I could verbally manifest. My life, my purpose, my journey to love and ultimate understanding all seems possible (and far less overwhelming) when she tunes in with my guides.

Thank you Mary, for all you do for all of us.

And for always having the strength to be honest- no matter how challenging it may seem in the moment.

We are blessed to have you.

Love and light,

Christine W.Parma, Ohio

October 2015

Phil’s testimony


I have worked in government and retail business for 34 years.

I have known and worked with Mary for close to 20 years,through readings, Reiki treatments and life coaching.She is one of the most dedicated, sincere, focused,unique and supportive people I have come across.I came to her years ago to help me withhealing a difficult, dysfunctional childhoodand through her spirit, heart and intuition shehas helped me immensely. Phil S.

Toronto, ON September 2015

Joanne Camileri
Joanne’s testimony


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mary for the last 19 years and she continually amazes me with her abilities and accuracy. She has an acute sensitivity,

Mary is always in touch with her inner voice, as her intuition guides free will. As a dear friend, guiding factor, and an enlightened spirit, she always remains true.

Mary is truly a gifted soul a born healer, bringing light to life.

Joanne C. Toronto ON July 2015

Roland’s testimony

From a devoted fan and seeker of truth.

Your readings inspire me to be a better person, help me focus and continue on my path.

Roland R. 

New York, New YorkActor/Singer.

Former Ubaldo Piangi from The Phantom Of The Opera (Toronto cast)June 8, 1998

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