June 29

Tarot Energies Forecast June 29 ~July 6th


Hello beautiful souls

Have you been feeling stuck or stagnant in love and in life? Hard to get your “groove on” and maybe feeling a little lost as to what comes next? Well, you’re not alone. Not only is there the pandemic and social unrest, but we also have 6 planets retrograde this month of June!

Not to mention, Saturn goes into Capricorn on the 1st and the full Moon ALSO goes into Capricorn (which is a lunar eclipse!) on July 4th. And to top it off, we have Mars going into Aries! This calls for a time of enlightenment and fireworks! This is a good time to break out of our comfort zones and push through. Set your intentions and take action. This can also be a magical time for clearing the pathway and manifesting your dreams and desires.

I just posted the weekly reading video for June 29th to July 6th but the message can be anytime you are drawn to view the reading.

The cards that I used were the Hanson and Roberts Tarot, an old favorite of mine. They are so charming.

1st card 4 of cups

The 4 of cups is a feeling of stagnation and passive energy. Feeling resistance and a feeling of bordom.

2nd card Queen of Pentacles

The Queen gives us a dose of earthy energy. And she tells us that we may not be giving enough to ourselves. That if we stay in the 4 of cups mode for too long, we may will never move forward and grow or even reach our goals. This card give us the endurance and strength to change our thinking to “yes I can”.

3rd card Queen of Swords

The Queen of swords is all about seeing past the illusion and breaking free. She is getting past the ego state and she has no time for anything without a cause and purpose. It’s all about keeping the balance of leisure, work and following our dreams. Trusting that we can get to the finishing line, we just have to see the truth and not allow ourself to get distracted and develop “squirrel like” energy.

Watch the rest of the video here


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  1. hi my name is deja and im a aquarius and i have feelings for a December Capricorn. but im not sure if she feels tha same way, im jus curious as to wht i should do??

  2. Wow, spot on, Mary! 😀 Thank you for the wonderful reading and loving insight! May your day and weekend be blessed, Happy Fourth of July!

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