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Differences: Soulmates, Twinflames and Karmic souls


Soulmates twin flames

You often see the word Soulmates all over the internet.

That something new written about Twin flames or Soulmates.

There are tutorial websites, webinars, podcasts and even workshops. Dedicated to help find your Soulmate or Twinflame.

The problem with this is that you can not venture out seeking your who could be your Twinflame or Soulmate.


Most people that join these types of sites don’t completely understand what a true soulmate is. Until they have actually gone through it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common descriptions of soul connection each type.

There are many people who describe these soul connections differently. Makes it confusing.

I’m not claiming that know everything or have the most knowledge regarding Soul mates and Twinflames. I have over 25 years of reading, researched and working with others as well as my own personal Twin flame experience (I was the runner in my Twinflame Connection).

You must keep in mind that the truth is deep inside you.

Your spirit, your soul already understands and knows the answer to your main question – you need to be open with yourself to hear and listen for your answer.


Who is my Soul mate?

psychic soulmate reading

You heard this term so many times and miss-understood the Soul mate connection.

Soulmates are not always your true love, a charming soul just waiting to take you away from your problems and complete you.

Did you know that we have more than one Soulmate and is a high vibrational level to our spirit.

Family member can be your soulmate.

Someone whose’s soul purpose is to align us with our own soul.

To balance that contributes to our spiritual journey in life.

So many – how do we know if they will become life partners.

We are brought in this lifetime together for specific purposes, making a deep impact. Being a teacher and student to each other.

Soulmates do come and go out of our lives as your journey progresses.

Sometimes they’re with us for years, as a spouse then only to find out later that this was part of the soul plan.

Only purpose was to help us move on and later finding our Eternal soulmate.

Soulmates go through a healing process until they are at peace.

There’s always a reason why soulmates get together.

Many times they have spiritual work to do together.

Most common they were only meant to share parenting (we also can have a soulmate connection with our children).

Soulmates give the support for a higher spiritual growth together.


Karmic Soulmates

psychic soulmate reading

This type of Soulmates you will be drawn to in spite of the circumstances.

These individuals often show up as a relationship, family or close friends.

There is always something stressful about your connection and always seems to be some resistance, major drama or misunderstanding.

Most often people have mistaken this relationship for the false twinflame.

The problem with Karmatic Soul mates is that you can not break away from them until you have completed the life lessons.

In most cases, many years of living a toxic relationship, covert bulling and abuse. Only later to find out what the true meaning lesson was all about.

But for what ever the reason is. You always seem to have some type of unresolved issues and baggage from your past life.

Issues that are not understood and that need to be addressed and healed before you can live in peace.

When the spiritual debt to the Karmic Soul mate has been completed, you will find the relationship healing, breaking free to a new life and bliss, this explains the drama of many love relationship break ups, separations or divorces.


What is the Soul mate Group?

psychic soulmate reading

There is another type of soulmates that I you most often here is the the Soulmate group.

Soul groups compared to the soulmate.

This type of soulmates were actually connected for a very long time.

Many would call them the old souls.

There’re the soulmates that we have been working with for many different lifetimes to reach greater and higher spiritual growth.

That are meant to live before this lifetime.

They also share an intense connection with us and share on many areas of the same interest.

There is no romantic attachment (but it could happen).

These are the Soulmates that there is never a question of loyalty.

You could be separated for a very long time and then upon meeting up again, it is as if you were never apart.

This is a soulmate compatibility level that you work on together.

Soulmate group relationships are more compatible than soulmates.


What is a Twinsoul or Twinflame?

psychic soulmate reading

The Twin flame can feel like the most deep and intense energy of the Soul connection.

We all have one twinsoul (also called the Twinflame).

This is our soul’s other half – the soul energy that vibrates on the same vibrational level of ours.

This is our collective soul energy.

A Twin flame was one soul with you a eons ago.  Your souls were split.

There is no incomplete vibrational energy with the Twinflame connection.

When you first meet your Twinflame,  you feel complete, at home and no other feeling this world can duplicate it..

This connection is not always a romantic relationship, but it can be if they started from the beginning as lovers, it can never go to friendship.

It’s very intense.

It can take the form of the emotional energy.

Twinflame energy take on many different types of love, all at the same time.

This is a beautiful and special energy with twin flame energy.

Because the nature of the shared soul vibrational energy.

Always being on the exact same wavelength. Working in tandem towards a higher spiritual growth.

There is always a repeatable pattern of chaos and negativity. When twin flames connect, there is the runner and chaser syndrome.

Remember all the energy work that twin flames do together is intensified and amplified beyond that which you can do yourself.

To get a better understanding read more about is Click here


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