Reiki is truly profound!

It is hands on treatment that help the body to heal it self. Balances and helps to releases blocks in one's auric energy field.

Aligns the Chakras and calms the mind. Crystals are used with all of my sessions to accelerate the healing speed.

Treatment can be offered at a distance no matter where you are located.

For your long distance Reiki, you want to recline somewhere comfortable and quiet. On your coach, bed, a park bench or in the forest where you will not be disturbed.

Following your treatment I always include a consultation. This assists and compliments the healing.

Reiki works to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved. The only requirement for distance treatments is your permission to have this energy flow to you and you must have a sincere willingness to receive and work with the gifts received.

If purchasing a package, purchase the first session and we could book future sessions.

$100 –  30 Minute Reiki Session

$175 – 1 hour Reiki Session

90 minute phone reading/coaching