August 6

Reading On The Beach

Hello Friends!

It’s time again for my weekly tarot card reading. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be a weekly reading, It can be anytime. Perhaps you’re visiting my site randomly and landed here. It isn’t coincidence that you are here!

There is a reason!

I was at the beach today (I live only 10 minutes away). Had a picnic with Dave and all the flying creatures (I have a wasp phobia and seagull phobia, but I’m working on it, ha ha)!

I brought my new Tarot cards with me to give my viewers a quick Tarot reading. A reading on the beach 🙂


FYI: I will be away next week. I’m getting certified to teach Yoga! Yay!!!! So excited! I adore Yoga and can’t wait to take it. I’m really taking it for myself — although I will be teaching some classes also.  It’s actually called YogaFit which is a slightly different yoga.

The woman who created it is a long time Yoga teacher as well as a personal trainer. She developed YogaFit to meet the demands of people in this day and age. It’s a new style of yoga that is based on a flow and is a total body workout.

It is a great way to heal and bring energy to the body and mind.  I have been doing traditional Yoga for years. But now I will get detailed information and learn the fundamentals of the practice to assist me with my psychic work, healing, Reiki, Crystal and chakra balancing. And to continue living the enlightened path as best I can.

I will return to you next week. With all the details and maybe even film a YogaFit class for you. Who knows — I just might.


Your Tarot Reading Right Now

Here is your reading for you right now, this minute. And it is a reading on the Beach 🙂

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Remember when you help one person, you are helping thousands. It works like a domino effect.

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