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How To Enhance Synchronicity



In order to know how to enhance synchronicity, it’s important to first understand what synchronicity is.

Synchronicity is a term coined by the famous Swiss psychologist and mystic, Carl Jung.

Jung’s definition of synchronicity is that events are meaningful coincidences if they happen with no apparent relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.

In our times, synchronicity has come to take on many shades of meaning. It’s a buzz word that just about everybody knows.

It seems to suggest magic is about and amazing things are about to happen.

The truth is, synchronicity and magic are around us all the time. We just need the eyes to see it. The Universe (or whatever word you want to use to describe All That Is) wants to communicate with you! You ARE the Universe pretending to be a person. At the end of the day, everything is God. God is all there is.

In my experience, synchronicity occurs when you’re on the right track. There’s one caveat with that though. What your ego wants and what your Higher Self wants are sometimes different.


Sometimes we have lessons to learn that help us grow wiser and stronger. And our ego resists these lessons. So, sometimes you may be getting signs to go in a certain direction. And you know you need to go in that direction. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome is going to be what your ego wants.

Don’t worry! You will be safe. If it’s information coming from your Higher Self or Guides you will never be in danger.

For example you may meet someone you feel an attraction for. Over the next few weeks you may have many synchronicities such as seeing that person in a part of town you rarely visit. Or talking with a friend and finding out they know this person. Suddenly seeing this person quite frequently.

And you also have strong feelings pushing you to connect with this person. You can’t figure out why you’re so drawn to them.

This will mean that this person is meant to play an important role in your life at this point.

It doesn’t mean they will necessarily end up being your Soulmate and Life Partner. That’s only one of the possible outcomes.

They may be a Twin Flame or Karmic Flame connection. This means you will have lessons to learn with them. How long? It depends. Anywhere from 1 year to 3 or 4 years is the usual.

Don’t be discouraged. Maybe they are Mr. or Mrs. Right. And even if they aren’t, you are absolutely safe! Remember, in these kinds of scenarios if your heart gets hurt, it will actually get stronger and more loving.

Not only that, but don’t you want to be fully engaged with the adventure that is your life? Sure it’s scary at times — but that’s what you signed up for!

It’s really only your ego that can get hurt. Your True Eternal Self is never hurt. It is that which gives you (a character in this movie we call the world) life and awareness.


Why The Lessons?


If we didn’t have lessons, what would be the point of being here in the earth school?

In truth, we are Unlimited Beingness. Beings of Love and Light. But we have chosen to incarnate as flesh and blood human beings with many apparent limitations.

sidenote: In the east they use the term sat -chit -ananda. This translates to Existence-Awareness-Bliss. Basically, you are Existence. You are Awareness. And you are Bliss. Normally, we are conditioned to think “I exist.”

Instead, re frame that as “I am Existence.” Note the subtle difference? Now think “I am Awareness.”

Now see if you can find where Existence ends and Awareness begins. You can’t. They are the same thing. And if you did this wholeheartedly, you will also notice an unconditional feeling of love and happiness arising in your heart.


Karmic Baggage


Many schools of thought say that we accumulate karmic baggage throughout many of our lifetimes.

In my experience this is true. But the lessons we go through are NOT a punishment — rather it is energy balancing itself out.

That is one of the reasons we go through lessons in this life.

Another reason is that ultimately we’re here to remember who we really are. Eternal spiritual beings having a human experience.

All the love and happiness we ever need is who we already are.

When we continue to look to people, places and things outside of ourselves for happiness and love, we are going to get disappointed.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want to be in relationships or have things. What it means is, rather than looking to get love and happiness from other people and things, we can bring love to our relationships, jobs and possessions.

This shift in attitude will probably not only make you more successful with your relationships and goals in life, but you’ll just be truly happy more often.

The bonus is you’ll probably be much healthier because you’ll be more resistent to stress.


Am I On Track?


Most of us feel times where we’re not sure if we’re on the right track with our lives. Decisions need to be made. Priorities need to be balanced.

And without a crystal ball to tell us the results of our choices, how can we know?

This is where synchronicity comes in.

Even if we get a psychic reading synchronicity is there to help guide us. If you get a reading, you need to be the one who interprets what information comes through.

“Wait a minute…” you say, “isn’t that the job of the reader?” Yes and no. Of course, as someone who has been reading professionally for most of my life, I have a lot of experience to draw from.

I also work on myself with regular meditation and prayer, exercise and healthy lifestyle, I’m a Reiki and Crystal master, etc.

This gives me a lot of insight on how I can help you.

But it’s still up to you to put meaning onto some of the signs and messages that come through.

Why? Simply because it’s your life — and you’re the only one who can put meaning on some of the messages.

The important thing is to not let your mind run the show. Because the mind will want to dismiss synchronistic events as random chance. It can’t imagine the breadth, scope and magnificence of existence. Life is magical!


How To Enhance Synchronicity In Your Own Life


1) Practice.

Like anything, the more you practice it, the easier it gets. There are a couple of ways you can go about this. You can ask for a sign — please don’t tell your Guides what kind of sign! Simply ask them to make it something clear that you can’t miss.

Then forget about it, and go about your life. When it happens, believe me, you’ll know.

That is an amazing miracle if you really think about it.

2) Establish some kind of meditative practice.

You don’t need to be an “expert” meditator. Simply connect with your spirit. It could be through traditional forms of meditation. It could be walking in nature. The important thing is that you drop your usual thought patterns and concerns. Don’t worry — they’ll be there waiting for you when you get back 😉 Don’t necessarily try to stop your thoughts or do anything with them. Simply put your attention on to them. Witness them as impartially as possible. Surrender any judgement as best you can.

This is really all that is necessary to create a gap between you and your thoughts. Like anything,  with practice you will go deeper and your practice will get stronger. Research has shown that 5 minutes is all that is required to get the benefits — and this can actually be more potent than long sessions.

3) Breathe.

Throughout your day at random times, simply stop whatever pattern you’re engaging in. Take one or two breaths. Then you can go about your business again. What this does is similar to meditation. It interrupts the usual patterns. This will weaken them over time and you’ll be able to create new and more empowering patterns. You’re awareness will grow.

4) Nurture Yourself.

Do things throughout your day that nurture and support your energy. Everyone’s different, so find things that work for you. A brisk walk, a healthy snack, a cup of tea or glass of water. Play with your pet. Whatever works for you.

5) Physical Exercise.

Do your best to establish some kind of physical fitness routine for yourself. This can be in the form of vigorous exercise — or programmes such as Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. Find what inspires you and makes you feel good!


What Now?


If you cultivate the various practices and attitudes above, your energy will build. And the intelligence within you AS you will start to naturally create synchronicities. Remember to get out of your own way and don’t let your mind take the lead.

The mind is an important servant, but it is designed to follow our intuitive knowingness.

If you found this article helpful and enjoyed it, please leave a comment below and share with friends.



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