Tarot Energies: the "Whole Mind” 3 Step System to Finally Learn Tarot Cards 

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Don’t settle for frustration, overwhelm and uncertainty…again. Learn to read tarot cards with confidence and with your own style once and for all! 

Watch the video above to discover why we decided to create a new tarot course after spending years doing readings with clients.

Now is your chance get our brand new Read Tarot Now course and finally begin to get the insights and clarity you’ve dreamed of.

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I’m really loving the tarot course by the way! It’s so worth it. You and Mary have done a wonderful job with the videos and how it flows! 

Elaine Leufkens

Holistic Healer

I just love this course! I’m finally getting a more solid understanding of Tarot after years of feeling stuck with certain cards. It’s so well put together! Thanks Mary and Dave

Alexa Rivera


Let Me Tell You A Secret About Learning To Read Tarot Cards...

  • Are you scattering your focus from reading different books on tarot?
  • Are you watching different YouTube videos trying to gather as much information as you can?
  •  And after all this, are you feeling just as confused as ever?

Maybe you’ve even heard somewhere that you can simply read the cards intuitively.

But when you try, you still second guess yourself. How do you know if what you’re reading is on target? How do you know you’re not just making things up?

And if this is the case, how can you have the confidence to apply any answers to your life in order to get better results?

And you know what?

Tips, tricks, hacks and shortcuts are massively overrated.

Tarot Energies is not a collection of tips (although there will be some very cool ones included).

It’s a system that takes you from where you are now to feeling confident with reading tarot cards.

And good news: you don’t have to be gifted or especially talented in order to do this (like Mary who has been reading cards since childhood).

I know in my own case (David) I had reached a point where I'd already been reading cards for myself and others for several years. And I felt like I had a good handle on things — but there were always those few cards that I would just get “brain freeze” with. You know the ones!

I just didn’t feel connected with the meaning of those cards.

And then I’d have to look up meanings in books and see which one resonated the most. And I’d still feel unsure about my reading.

I also made that same one mistake that everyone makes...

If the cards didn’t make any sense to me at all, I would fold them up and re-shuffle often asking the same question.

I would end up with a spinning head and feeling even more confused than ever! 

In this “whole mind” system you will eliminate both of these problems. You’ll learn the meanings of the cards once and for all and you’ll learn how to make sense of every reading — even if it doesn’t make any sense!

Why Tarot Energies is Different from Other Tarot Methods

You enthusiastically buy a new book on tarot only to leave it unfinished on your bookshelf.

When you look up meanings in a book there are so many that you never develop a clear picture of that card in your subconscious mind.

When you’ve watched videos on YouTube or taken an online course, you feel confident — but as soon as you leave the video or course, you’re lost again.

In Tarot Energies you’ll be guided how to build a solid and clear understanding of ALL the card meanings first. This includes the “dreaded” court cards!

There’s Another Problem…

With the exception of very few examples, books and other courses focus on the meanings of one card in isolation. And yes -- this is the place to begin. But it's like learning a few scales but never playing songs in music!

It’s almost as if you’ve read one tarot book, you’ve read them all! Don't get us wrong. There are many excellent and top notch books -- but I think you know what we mean.

The book has some background history of tarot along with a bit of esoteric information. And the rest of it is devoted to the meanings of individual cards. And oh how many there are! 

Not to mention that not all authors seem to agree on meanings. But this is actually ok! We'll cover that in the course and remove any confusion.

The book probably has a small section in the back with a few spreads and example readings. But they don’t usually resemble the contradictions we often see in real life spreads!

In Tarot Energies, because you have built a solid and clear understanding with each card first, going to the next step of putting the cards together is much easier.

In this course we’re not going to bog you down with history lessons or obscure Victorian era esoteric knowledge (if this kind of thing excites you, there’s plenty of information out there in books).

In our experience, none of this is necessary to read tarot cards. 

And if you’ve gone with a more intuitive method, you’re missing out on a huge part of the craft of tarot reading. 

We don’t want to ignore tarot's tradition and structure. The cards do tell the story. Otherwise, why would we use them?

In this system you’ll learn to read the cards with your WHOLE brain. Left brain logic and Right brain intuitive. Because this is what good readers in fact are doing — even if they aren’t aware of it themselves.

The Solutions to Your Learning Tarot Once and for All

How many of these are sabotaging your goal of reading tarot with confidence?

"Bright Shiny Object" Syndrome

You want to follow through on your process, but you keep getting distracted by bright shiny objects. A new book or perhaps a new tarot deck that promises to solve your problems. An online course that promises an easy shortcut way to learn tarot. A new opportunity that seems even better than the one (or three) that you’re already working on…

Tarot Energies gives you a 3 step system that will help keep you on track towards your tarot


You know you need to prioritize and really spend time on the fundamentals. But there are so many cards and meanings!

Tarot Energies gives you clarity and will show you how to say "no" to things that aren't important right now

The "Imposter" Syndrome

You feel as if you're just not gifted enough. You don't have what it takes.

Tarot Energies keeps you grounded with learning simple tasks. Before you know it, you've made progress toward you goal for reading the cards.

Not Having a Clear Path to Follow

You start going forward in one direction only to wonder if you should change your approach. Maybe you'll make more concrete progress in a different direction.

Tarot Energies is a system that will lay the groundwork for you to make clear and personal connections with the cards. Once this is in place you can continue growing in your tarot skills with confidence.

The Cycle of Disappointment

When you set a goal for yourself and you fail to reach it, it saps your motivation to continue. The self-help gurus tell you to shoot for the stars and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Ultimately, this is true. But when you continue to come up short in your ambitions, your confidence gets harder and harder to find. 

In Tarot Energies you'll be given small tasks to accomplish that then lead into the next step. Your confidence will begin to spiral upwards as you work your way through the course.

Wouldn't it be nice to conquer these problems?

Are You Ready to read tarot now?

Let's make it happen. We're excited to help you remove the obstacles that have been in your way. Finally, you can read tarot in order to help you navigate your life with greater understanding and clarity.

Here's What You Get When You Buy the Tarot Energies Course

Tarot Energies is an online course. After your purchase, you will be able to log into an online dashboard where you can access the course material which consists of:

4 Modules with 56 Video Lessons

Worksheets and PDF downloads

Private FB group 

The Tarot Energies system is divided in 4 modules of content with 56 video lessons that include resources and recommendations in each one. Every module provides you with fundamental skills that build upon each other to grow your tarot reading ability with confidence.

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