Tarot Energies

4 Modules 8 Chapters 56 Lessons Easy

About this course

Finally learn to read tarot for yourself and others without needing to depend upon a book to look up meanings!

If you’re new to tarot — or you’ve been working with the cards for a while, but still don’t feel confident with your readings — this course is for you.

The course will guide you through 55 lessons. If you follow it through and do a little bit of the suggested practice, you will come out being able to read the cards with confidence. And no book will be needed!

 You will internalize the fundamental skills a good tarot reader needs for their intuitive insights to flourish.

The cool thing is that these skills will continue to grow and expand in time as you continue your tarot practice moving forward.

Mary and Dave have a combined experience of over 50 years with reading and working with tarot. They have distilled this course into the most important things to learn. You can always get into more sophisticated techniques later on. 



Course Structure

2 Chapters

Module 1: Ground Zero

All your important questions are answered here. Everything from which deck to use, how to handle and shuffle the cards and  how to create a space where your intuition can flourish.

Chapter 1: Mindset and Approach to Reading Tarot 6 Lessons

Tarot Course Intro

Overview of the course and a bit about our background. 

How Can Tarot Help You In Life?

We discuss several ways reading tarot for yourself (and also others) can support you in life.

Myth Busting In Tarot

In this video we bust a few myths that can be sticking points. Break through and empower yourself!

Choosing a Deck and Prepping for Readings

Some suggestions on choosing a deck as well as various techniques to clear energies prior to doing a reading.

How To Phrase Questions and More Stuff To Be Aware Of

This lesson will give you a deeper understanding of how important the wording -- or phrasing -- of your question is.

Important: Shuffling The Cards

In this video we share the ways in which we shuffle the cards.

Chapter 2: How a Tarot Deck Works 2 Lessons

The Basic Structure of a Deck

It's crucial to understand how a tarot deck is structured. You need to know this without thinking. It's easy to learn and will add power and depth to your readings right away!

The 4 Elements of Tarot

In this video you'll learn about the 4 elements in tarot. This is another super important concept that can take your readings to another level!

4 Chapters

Module 2: Getting To Know The Cards

Learning the card meanings isn't as challenging as you think. In this module you'll learn our tried and true method for learning them rapidly -- and in a deep way. We think you'll actually have a lot of fun with this!

The Minor Arcana 5 Lessons

Minor Arcana and Court Cards Keywords

This is a PDF document of basic keywords to help get you started. 

Wands Suit

An overview of the meanings of each card Ace through 10 in the fire suit of wands.

Cups Suit

An overview of the meaning of each card Ace through 10 in the suit of cups.

Swords Suit

An overview of meaning for each card Ace through 10 in the suit of swords.

Pentacles Suit

An overview of the meaning of each card Ace through 10 in the pentacles suit.

The Court Cards 5 Lessons

Wands Court Cards

An overview of the meanings and interpretations of the court cards from the suit of wands.

Cups Court Cards

An overview of the meanings and interpretations associated with the court cards from the Cups suit.

Swords Court Cards

An overview of the meanings and interpretations associated with the court cards from the Swords suit.

Pentacles Court Cards

An overview of the meanings and interpretations from the court cards in the Pentacles suit.

Understanding Court Cards

This is a PDF that you can download. In it are techniques to help you simplify and make sense of court cards.

The Major Arcana (Fools's Journey) 23 Lessons

Major Arcana Keywords

This is a PDF document with the basic keywords for the major arcana to help you get started.

The Fool

The Fool card.

The Magician

An overview of The Magician archetype in tarot.

The High Priestess

An overview of The High Priestess archetype in tarot.

The Empress

An overview of The Empress archetype from tarot.

The Emperor

An overview of The Emperor archetype from tarot.

The Hierophant

An overview of The Hierophant archetype in tarot.

The Lovers

An overview of The Lovers archetype in tarot.

The Chariot

An overview of The Chariot archetype in tarot.


An overview of the Strength archetype in tarot.

The Hermit

An overview of The Hermit archetype in tarot.

The Wheel of Fortune

An overview of The Wheel of Fortune archetype in tarot.


An overview of the Justice archetype in tarot.

The Hanged Man

An overview of The Hanged Man archetype in tarot.


An overview of the Death archetype in tarot.


An overview of the Temperance archetype in tarot.

The Devil

An overview of The Devil archetype in tarot.

The Tower

An overview of The Tower archetype in tarot.

The Star

An overview of The Star archetype in tarot.

The Moon

An overview of The Moon archetype in tarot.

The Sun

An overview of The Sun archetype in tarot.


An overview of the Judgement archetype in tarot.

The World

An overview of The World archetype in tarot.

The Nitty Gritty 2 Lessons

How To Learn Individual Card Meanings Pt.1

This is Part 1 of how to learn the individual card meanings quickly and confidently.


How To Learn Individual Card Meanings Pt.2

This is Part 2 on how to learn the individual card meanings.

2 Chapters

Module 3: How To Read The Cards

Now that you've got the basic meanings under your belt you're ready for the next step. Putting cards together in relationship. How do they flow or influence each other?

We'll also explore one of the most powerful tools for working with tarot -- the Tarot Journal. Don't skimp on this part -- it's what separates those who read with confidence from those who feel uncertain.

Building Confidence 4 Lessons

The Power of a Tarot Journal

In this lesson you learn how keeping a tarot journal is one of the most powerful things you can do to bring the cards to life.


Learning Combinations of 3 Cards

This is an exciting step in our tarot mastery journey! Learning to read 3 cards together. How do they influence each other? This is a fun and easy to do approach that will allow you to take your skills to a new level.

3 Card Spreads

3 Card Spreads are not only powerful readings in and of themselves, but they are the cornerstone of reading ANY spread. If you can read 3 cards in a flow you have the foundation to read anything.

The Celtic Cross

This is one of our go to spreads. It's powerful, has depth and gets to the point. There's a reason why it's a timeless classic.

In this lesson you'll learn 2 versions of the Celtic Cross spread. There are actually at least one more -- but we don't want to overwhelm you and make it confusing.

Not only that, but you'll see 4 examples of real readings by us. 2 by Mary and 2 by Dave.

We both use slightly different versions of the spread -- plus we each have a slightly different style of reading.

We think this will be very powerful for you to watch a few times. 

For those of you who are really keen to read the cards, we suggest taking the same cards out of your deck and following along.

Then try speaking out the reading yourself! Don't try to copy ours -- allow your ideas and intuition to flow with the keywords supporting you.

If you can, record it on your phone or other device to listen back to. You'll learn a LOT by doing this.


Example Readings 5 Lessons

Celtic Cross Example 1

This is an example of a reading using the celtic cross spread.

Celtic Cross Example 2

An example of a reading using the celtic cross spread.

Celtic Cross Example 3

An example of a reading using the celtic cross spread.

Celtic Cross Example 4

An example of a reading using the celtic cross spread.

When Cards Seem To Be In Conflict

Sometimes the cards just don't seem to flow in a way that makes sense. This lesson gives a brief overview of how to approach that.

4 Lessons

Reading For Others

In this module we discuss reading for others. We also talk about what it takes to do it professionally. We cover how to apprentice and get practice -- including joining our exclusive Facebook group -- as well as developing a "code of ethics."

We also have some links to some resources that we have found helpful over the years.

Skyrocket Your Skills and Confidence

In this lesson we encourage you to continue your tarot journal and to practice reading for others.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Trusting Intuition

This video will help you with building your intuition and INNER confidence with the cards.

Final Thoughts, Next Steps and Resources

In this video we give our final thoughts about where to take your tarot practice from here and  also  share our experience with reading tarot for others. We also include some ideas about how to take it to a professional level as well as some books/resources that we've found very helpful over the years. 

Create Your Sacred Reading Space

This lesson empowers you with ideas on how to create a sacred reading space no matter where you are.

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