Mary Rose first noticed her psychic gift at the age of 5.

She found herself being able to predict future events and know when the phone was going to ring, who was calling ETC.

She has been professionally in the psychic field for over 40+ years and uses a variety of tools to communicate with spirit guides, departed loved ones and Angels who surround each and everyone of us.

Mary Rose's Gifts are:

Clairvoyance – Messages are seen as if a movie was playing.

Clairaudience – Messages are heard. As if an announcement is on the radio or a song is playing.

Clairsentience/Empath – Feeling vivid messages and energies.

Claircognizance – Instant feeling and download of knowing

Some of tools that she works with are:

Tarot/Oracle cards – Mystic deck of cards which provide detailed information about love and what ever concerns you may have

Reiki – An ancient hands on healing technique, balances the aura, chakra and energy system for the highest good.  Helps in healing illnesses such as depression, arthritis, migraine, back, joint, muscle pain, stress, releases mental emotional blocks and karma.

Astrology – 

Crystals – 

Sound Therapy  

Experience a hidden knowledge, connection with your higher self and spirit guides.

To bring awareness and peace of mind.

Every reading is private and confidential.

My trainings and expertise are:

  • Naturally born Psychic Medium Empath 
  • Certified Reiki Master - local Independent Reiki Master 1997 
  • Certified Crystal Healer - Mindful Matters 2014 
  • Certified Angel Card Reader - Radliegh Valentine 2015
  • Certified Yoga Instructor - YogaFit 2015
  • Creating Your Own Tarot and Oracle Deck - Chris-Anne - 2017
  • Certified Crystal Reader - Judith Lukomsi 2017
  • Mediumship & The Tarot - Melissa White 2017
  • Communicate with The Spirit World - John Holland 2017
  • Magic of the Soul - John Holland
  • Mediumship Made Easy - Gordon Smith 2018
  • Psychic Tarot - Ethony Dawn 2018
  • Tarot Summer School Academy - Season Pass 2018
  • Certified Life Coaching - Kain Ramsay 2020
  • Oracle School Palooza - Colette Baron Reid 2020
  • Soul Shift/Magical Sabbatical - Dr. Athena Perrakis 2019-2022
  • Certified Crystal Master - Dr. Athena Perrakis 2022
  • Natural Animal Communication - Helen DaVita 2022