About David

I’ve always loved the big and deep questions about life. I’m also really into fitness. I was a pretty good athlete all the way through high school.

Through following my heart and pursuing my passion through thick and thin, I’m now living the dream.

About Me Personally

I’m a husband. I wasn’t always. For a long time I was searching for my soulmate. Mary is my inspiration and we are a team.

Being able to spend time together is a big part of what drives me. We’ve both been through a lot to get to where we are now. That’s probably why we appreciate our opportunity to give and receive love so much.

Tarot, Divination and Intuition

I started studying astrology, tarot and numerology at the age of 17 and was taught how to meditate. These topics have been a constant thread in my life since I started trying to wrap my head around the concept of infinite (of course, it’s beyond conceptual thought!) at the age of 8.

Tarot readings are like a map. But the journey still has to be made! When I do a reading, I do my best to help you understand what choices are available and where they may lead — but it’s still up to you to make the journey. 

Creating your life is like a chess game. As soon as you move one piece in a certain way, the outcome changes.

Does This Mean Tarot Readings Don’t Tell The Future?

No. An intuitive reader using tarot cards will get messages about potential futures. BUT as I said above, it depends upon choices that YOU must make now.

A tarot card reading with me will leave you feeling empowered about your ability to co create a more desirable future.

It will help you gain insights into situations and to realize your ability to create the future.

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