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6 Benefits Of Learning To Read Tarot Cards


Maybe you’re fascinated by tarot cards. But at the same time, perhaps there’s a nagging voice inside you that says it’s just woo-woo or fantasy. Is it something you can really take seriously?

From my perspective and experience, this nagging voice is only that of your conditioning. We live in an extremely materialistic society where if science can’t explain it, then it can’t be real.

Obviously science is an incredible tool for examining and understanding the phenomenal world experienced through our senses.

But is that the limit of it all? Is there nothing more to life than random chemicals and material processes?

I think in your heart, you intuitively know there’s something Sacred and Magical about life. Again, that’s why you’re here!

So why don’t we agree to ignore that voice for the time being. Here are 6 ways that learning to read tarot cards can benefit you, your life and the life of all beings.

Self Knowledge

One of the most powerful ways in which reading tarot can benefit you is the depth of self knowledge you will glean from your practice.

The 78 cards are a book of life. Or a book of changes as the i-ching from the east is called. 

Every energetic pattern from the largest archetypal forces to mundane and everyday influences are represented.

And like in music, the combinations and permutations of these building blocks are virtually unlimited.

When you ask a question and lay out a spread, you have to be willing to be honest with yourself.

If not, you cannot see your reflection in the cards. If you’re willing to be honest however, you’ll see your circumstances as well as your inner state reflected clearly in the cards.

Over time you’ll have seen your reflection many times and will know when you’re being petty or forceful or vain. 

You’ll also see your strength and quiet determination along with your ability to make things happen.

Self knowledge can be achieved in other ways. However, tarot makes it easy. The pictures in the cards don’t lie. And it’s so easy to lie to ourselves. The cards are a tremendous support with seeing through our own self deception. 

Again, this also applies to strengths and postives which we also ignore quite often.

Understanding Other People

When you understand yourself at a deeper level, you tend to understand others too. Why?

Because as said above, the 78 cards in tarot make up the archetypal fabric of both our human and divine experience.

As you progress with your tarot practice you it begins to dawn on you that these same patterns and blind spots are the same ones that are in everybody.

This becomes even more apparent if you ever do readings for others. And back to the first point, when you do readings for others, your own self knowledge also deepens.

Deeper Understanding of Life

No 2 readings are alike. No matter how many readings you do, even if by some unbelievable synchronicity the same exact cards came out in the same order with the same spread, the reading would still be different.

This is because you will be different.

The cards are always changing — just like the phenomena in life. On any given day, everything is flowing differently.

Different people come and go. There are different tasks to do with your work. Your body is changing and growing older. Thoughts and feelings come and go. Problems and challenges come and go.

But something remains the same. That changeless background of Light/Awareness that all of this changing content appears in or on.

Reading tarot consciously in this way can support you in seeing the impermanence of the “physical” world and be more aware of the silent witnessing Presence that’s always there. 

This is also why some call tarot “western yoga.”

Clarity and Peace Around Difficult Decisions

This is probably the one you thought I would lead with. And it’s the usual reason that people come for a reading.

And tarot is an incredibly powerful tool in these situations.

Perhaps someone is deciding about a relationship or a career move but they feel stuck. They wonder which choice is going to lead to the best possible outcome.

A pros and cons list can be helpful — but it can only take you so far.

Getting a reading — or doing one for yourself — can give you insights and perspective on your situation.

It can open you to possibilites you hadn’t noticed or it can confirm things you already felt intuitively. 

After a reading your mind will continue sifting and processing new information and new solutions and confidence to go outside of your usual box will arise.

You will be able to move forward being more aware of possible pitfalls as well as what strengths you have so that you’ll take more appropriate actions and get a better outcome.

Brainstorming and Ideas About Projects and Business

Tarot can also be used when you are seeking ideas and want to brainstorm about a project or business approach.

Again, like above, you can see what you can avoid or at least mitigate, and you can see whether it’s worth your time and energy to at least start moving forward in that direction.

Sometimes you’ll see an idea won’t really pan out. At first you may feel disappointment and frustration if you were attached to the idea, but later on you’ll feel gratitude. 

You’ll be grateful because the insight will come to you that it wasn’t even what you truly wanted anyways.

And of course, this also applies to relationship questions.

A Side Hustle or Business

Last but not least, if you get really good at reading tarot, you can actually help people.

Then you can start doing readings on the side or even eventually as a full on business. It’s up to you how far you want to take it.

We discuss this more in our Tarot Energies course.

You don’t have to read tarot for others or as a side hustle if you don’t want to. You will still reap the benefits discussed above.


Reading tarot is not only full of benefits for your spiritual and psychological growth, but it can help you in practical ways.

Despite all these benefits, it’s important to note that tarot is your tool. You don’t need to rely on it for every little decision in your life.

And when you do use it, it’s not carved in stone. It’s an understanding you receive from communing with your Higher Self with the cards as a tool for that.

One last bonus that I want to mention is that many tarot decks are full of gorgeous and lavish artwork. We (Dave and Mary) often find ourselves simply appreciating the artwork and beauty of the cards!


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