October 6

3 card reading


Here is a 3 card reading for you today  🙂

It’s my way of thanking you for visiting me here today!

Mercury’s retrograde and goes direct on Saturday Oct. 10th — so I knew it would be a good time to get a message from Spirit Guides, Angels the Tarot.

So pour a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the video 🙂

Here are the 3 cards that came up in the 3 card reading:

3 card spread
3 card spread

1st card, Change Your Focus: You may have been feeling a disappointment. That maybe something isn’t going right.

Feeling a bit unsettled. Feeling some form of lack.

This card is is telling you to change your focus. The past is the past and you have something in your life that is triggering a past memory and reigniting those feelings.

Those feeling that you are having are an illusion. Get out of your mind. Replace it. Change the channel. Do what makes you feel more at peace.

2nd card, Confront. You might be feeling challenged in some way right now.

Something is forcing you to face your fears and shadow side.

It can also mean speaking your truth.

Stay calm, in the present moment and try to re-program your thoughts into loving positive happy thoughts.

Do what makes you happy.

Remember the law of attraction.

Positive attracts the positive.

3rd card: Solar Plexus Chakra. This your self power/self esteem chakra. You carry all of your emotions here. You feel as though you don’t deserve love in some way. Or trusting of someone’s love. Even self love. You might be feeling emotions. Maybe a power struggle going on. Fear and anxiety.

A good exercise is to ask your self what is making you feel powerless?  Journal it.

This reading is actually very positive. These are the influences that you need to work on or that need your attention, just for today.

Please share this with anyone who might benefit the Tarot’s message.

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